Great and busy. I hit my first tag sales of the year and got a couple of things I was pretty happy with. I found a beautiful, brand-new wooden train with multi-colored shaped blocks on each car, a heavy metal wine rack, a 50’s pyrex baking pan with a glass lid and a bunch of really nice glass jars with metal bales. I plan to fill the jars with dried fruit or tea mixtures and give them out as Christmas gifts. The train will be a gift for my grandson. I got a couple of other little things; a gorgeous fruit bowl for $.50 and some books and DVDs. While I was out, I also picked up a corker for my wine making and a bag of 80 corks.

One of my best finds was a copy of Into The Forest. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction. I have long wanted to read this book. It’s not your typical doomer porn. There are no MZB’s, no hero who knows how to do everything, no amazing find of a room full of food and preps. There is not even a big event or any real resolution. The reader never even really knows what happened. Still, it’s an amazing read.

I spent the rest of the weekend planting potatoes (nothing like a good doomer novel to put one in the mood to grow potatoes), setting out tomatoes and broccoli and getting a good start on my herb bed. I harvested a big bunch of rhurbarb too. The thing is that I’m not a big fan of the stuff. I still have a few quarts left from last year. I also had about a gallon of frozen raspberries to use up before the new crops is ready. I decided to cut up the rhurbarb and simmer it with the raspberries and a couple of jars of last year’s applesauce and some sugar. After putting the whole mess through a strainer, I boiled it down some more and now it’s in the Excalibur. By morning, I’ll have a nice fruit leather.

Anybody stopping by would be forgiven for wondering just what I have in the jar on my counter. I save all of the chicken eggs, bake them, then crush them into a powder. I add all of my leftover vege water and use the rather disgusting mess to water my plants. I hate to waste anything.