Every now and again the news on many fronts will get so bad that I am inclined to go shopping; not for chocolate or alcohol as might seem wise but for tangibles. This week was a big one, shopping wise. I got a bottle corker and a big bag of corks and I should have my cheese press and cheese wax delivered tonight. With all the great milk available, the cheese press seemed like a wise investment. I had chees wax but my DH used it to cover the mushroom plugs he put in last week. I doubled this order. It’s reusable if used on cheese but what’s used on logs is not recoverable.

I finally got some quality time in the garden as it stopped raining for a bit. I found we have about 50 little grape bunches. That’s really good production for only about 10-12 feet of three-year-old vine. We don’t have time to put any more in this year but more will be on the list for next year. Bruce built the arbor himself and it’s a bit time consuming.

We had some disappointing news about the third greenhouse. We went to pick it up yesterday and found it was not one with rigid sides but rather with a thick poly sheeting. That won’t work here. The wind would have it in shreds in one season so we had to pass on it. That’s probably just as well as time is getting short and whe have a lot of other huge projects looming. I will throw out a word of warning. The greenhouse would have been a bargain had it been rigid panels but the woman who bought it from Craigslist got taken. She belived the original price listed and it was a lie. If you’re buying something you know nothing about do some research or take along an expert. There is no protection when buying second hand. Caveat emporum. We may all be doing more second hand shopping in the future. Ask a lot of question and don’t be afraid to do a good inspection.

The sun is shinning this morning. it’s so beautiful. I had forgotton what a lift it gives to wake up to something besides drizzle. The garde will need to dry out a bit before I can get in to plant anything.

I have not had a chance to go through all of the comments. I haven’t neglected them but I’m preparing for teaching another adoption/foster care class and that takes up a lot of time. I’ll get to them later today.