I wanted to add a picture of our grape arbor. We had purchased the end piece several years ago. When we decided to add grapes, Bruce built the additions to match. It’s worked out really well. The grapes seem happy and I should get a good harvest. I use the fruit of course but I also use the leaves in pickles to help keep them crisp. The greenhouse picture is the first of many. It isn’t a big greenhouse but it keeps us in salad greens for a good part of the winter. It gives us space to keep seedlings and provides a lovely place to sit in the warmth in the dead of winter. I added the backyard picture because I love it. This place was not much of a much when we bought it. We’ve spent years of labor and all the money we could have dropped on new cars and vacations for the upgrades and we don’t believe we were too frugal.

My friend the dairy farmer found herself with 3 gallons of milk she had to use up. I traded granola and jelly and now have a big block of cheese draining in the kitchen. I think this cheese making could get to be an obsession.

The garden is in and we’re hoping for rain in the morning. It’s been like August around here, hot and dry and sticky. Loathsome and uncomfortable weather but better than the cold and wet we complained about a week ago. We’ve been buried in asparagus and tomorrow may be a pickling day. I’m not a fan of frozen asparagus and I already have a lot dried so this seems like a plan.

What are you all up to. I love reading the blogs and getting inspired to try new things so share, PLEASE!