First. I’m so sorry about the pictures. I can’t figure out how to get them posted and my DIL has been busy. She said she would get to it today.

Next. Welcome to several new readers. I hope you will chime in and say hello.

Now on to the news. Wednesday was an interesting day. I arrived at work to find that we were holding emergency response drills. I know that all involved were doing their best but one thing was very clear. In any crisis, be prepared to think for yourself. Following the crowd could get you killed. The take home points were these: Always scan a room. Know where the exits are and have a plan for how you would escape if you needed to. If you share office space, as I do, talk to you co-workers and make sure you are on the same page. One thing I decided is that on my next trip to town, I’m buying a couple of those window breakers. I want one for the car and one for my desk drawer. If I need to get out of the building I don’t want to be trying to break that thick glass with my coffee mug. The striking thing was the reason for the drill. It was to prepare for a shooter in the building. One of the police officers mentioned that there was some concern that in the face of budget cuts, some people may get mad at the government agencies (I work for Department of Children and Families) and decide to retaliate.

I returned home to see the skies darken. We rarely get tornado warning around here and we take them a little lightly. Fortunately, our storm, while a doozy with heavy winds and hail along with torential rain did no damage. Our neighbors to the south were not so lucky and a a town just an hour away was devasted. We saw temperatures go from 90 one to 49 the next. It’s 41 degreees here this morning.

Then, last night, my some burned his hand pretty badly while preparing dinner. He got it in ice water right away. I’m really glad I had the necessary supplies on hand to treat it, including pain medication. Even more importantly, I have a dear friend who is an emergency room nurse and she told us what to look for and when to go the the ER. Ben won’t be chopping wood any time soon.
etween the ecoli outbreak in Europe, the stock market tumbles and extreme weather, I’m not sure why anybody would not think a certain level of preparedness is not a good and necessary thing.