Five, it turns out. Even Phoebe got in on the act as chief nut and bolt finder. The instructions are just a difficult to decipher as you would expect and the tools they give you in the kit a bit less sturdy than the ones in a child’s play set but the job is finished. Bruce will need to lot of reinforcing and caulking to get it sturdy enough to stand up to the kind of winds we get around here in January. I will be expanding the herb garden now and we will break ground on the summer kitchen next week.

I attended a wild food walk this weekend. I didn’t learn a great deal but I was certainly inspired. The food served later was amazing. The garlic/mustard pesto was the best I’ve eaten, the gazpacho fabulous and some little cupcakes made with acorn flour and violet jelly truly delicious. We had an iced peneapple weed tea that tasted like Snapple Green Tea. The presenter, Blanche Derby, has a couple of books and videos out that I want to check out. She lives in Northampton and invited me to come by. I may plan a visit around lunch time.

There was a family in attendence that are avid foragers. They have a blog, that is quite good. There are some videos of Blanch leading other wild food walks that are worth a watch.

I went to a cheese tasting at the Creamery last night. Talk about inspired! I tried a lot of local cheeses and find I’m a huge fan of sheep cheese. I want goats and milking sheep but we are just not set up for them. The next best thing will be to find a reliable source of the milk.

I have been having a problem with neighborhood cats visiting my garden. Fot some reason, they have decided that my carrot patch is a good kitty litter box. I plan to foil them with chicken wire laid across the bed. The carrots can come up but the cats can’t dig.

One final note. We went to the graduation of a young woman who lived with us for several years. It was great to see her launched but I was surprised at the level of discussion about the difficult world these young people are enetering. I wonder what the world will look like for them. Will they have the same opportunities I had. Without a college degree, I was able to land jobs I liked. Bruce and I were able to buy a house, raise a family and enjoy some vacations and little luxuries. Good food and health care were givens. College education was within reach for our children. What’s in store for these kids? I don’t know but I can guess that it won’t be easy. My thoughts are with them. I wish them the best.