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I am really working on learning how to do this computer stuff. It’s good for me to tackle something so completely outside my comfort zone, fail and come back to try again. I want to learn to post videos as well as slides as I think the visual is so helpful and even necessary for some kinds of learning.

Now that it’s cooler, Bruce is out, completing the upgrades on the greenhouse. He has it bolted to 6×6 beams and he reinforced all the seams with caulk. He still needs to put some further protection along the slope of the roof and add the heat sink. We’ll be watching freecycle and craigslist for used up solar covers for swimming pools. They do a great job.

I began the work on the herb garden. I have to watch where I put things as so much work is going on around me. I’m also putting off much planting until the heat breaks on Friday. 100 degree heat is a killer for transplants. Included in the slideshow is my grape arbor, the bigger greenhouse and the view from the den. I hope to post some pictures of Bruce’s flowers next. Man does not live my bread alone. We need roses and iris too.