Some days just work out. I needed to buy some herbs for the new bed so I ran into the Greenfield Farmer’s Co-op and what do I find but Tattler Lids! The price was better than on-line as there is no shippings so I bought 10 boxes. I also found a nifty little coffee grinder. It was only $15.99. I am thinking I shold get another of these. I can use one for coffee and one for spices. I’m a sucker for anything with a hand crank. I filled in a lot of my herbs although I will need to hit Hadley Garden Center again for the rest. I got several mints, lemon grass. lemon verbena, yarrow and a few other common herbs.

I got home to phone call from a friend who had noticed that the honey locust trees were in bloom. Off we went to harvest and came home with enough for two batches of wine. The process is easy. Dissoleve 6 cups of sugar in 1 gall of cool water. Add 2 tbls each corriander seed, star anise and 1 tbls slice and peeled ginger root along with 2 quarts of honey locust blossoms and one chopped lemon and one chopped orange. Don’t add any leaves or teems. Now add 1/2 teasp wine yeast and let the whole mess sit in a cheese cloth covered non-metal vat for 1 week, stirring a couple of times a day. Put it in a jug with an airlock and let it wit for 6 months, then rach to remove sediment and drink. My lemon and lime trees are both in fruit right now so I can make this from local ingredients if I swap out honey for sugar and mae do without the anise. I’ll bet I could find a substitute.

Last night we went to hear my grandaughter preform a flute solo at her music school. The piece was by a Japanese composer and she was able to play it through without the sheet music. I thought she stole the show. Not prepping but a wondeful way to spend a hot summer night.