I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, Bruce and I used two gift certificates we had gotten at our foster parent appreciation dinner and went to a local greenhouse. I came home with the spectacular yellow yarrow in the photo and Bruce got some beautiful ornamentals. We followed our shopping trip with lunch at a mircobrewerey/restaurant near our home. We really wanted a nap when we got home but not as much as we wanted to get to work on the herb garden. I could just about stand up by the time I finished but the results were so worth it. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. Bruce had scavenged some pavers that he cut to make a walkway. I moved plants then moved them again until I was satified with the results. It won’t look just right until the plants have a chance to fill in and I get some mulch in but it still makes me happy just to look at it.

The next lovely thing was finding our strawberries ripening. I had to cover the patch with Remay to protect it from the birds; too bad as the fruit is gorgeous but we aren’t the only ones who love strawberries.

It rained most of the day on Saturday so I used the time to clean out the fridge; not glamorous but I do enjoy getting a nasty job out of the way. Maggie and I cooked a nice dinner together and later we watched a movie. Sunday was church followed by putting in more herbs and planting the pumpkin and cucumber sets. Life seemed just perfect but then we got a robocall. Our town just instituted a reverse calling system to inform residents of things of things like town meetings or emergency notifications. This was our first call and it was to say that there have been some break-ins in town and warning residence to lock house and car doors.

It is so sad. We NEVER lock our doors. We don’t even have enough keys to go around. Tomorrow, Bruce will go to the hardware store and get keys made. Now Karen is getting anxious about staying home alone and I’m wondering if I need to spend more time thinking about security. It isn’t losing “stuff” that bothers me. It’s losing my sence of peace and safety. I don’t want to have to lock doors. The thief hasn’t been here but he stole something none-the-less.