Look for an upcoming post on preparing your family to take over.

Bruce’s aunt is getting ready to move into a small apartment and is cleaning out her 4 story Victorian. My S/BIL have been going down to help out. They stopped by yesterday with a treasure for me. I am now the proud owner of Bruce’s Grandmother’s quilting frame and her cast iron fruit/cheese press. I have no room for the quilt frame but I plan to make room for the press. Picking that thing up certainly points out the difference between things made on the cheap and those made with planned obsolescence in mind. My cheese press is nice enough but it clearly has a life span. The cast iron will outlive me by a few lifetimes. It’s meant to be bolted to a solid floor. I’m thinking I could add a space for it in my planned summer kitchen.

It’s tag sale season and I’m on the hunt for a few things. I need another couple of tall wooden cabinets to hold canned food. I also need kitchen supplies for the summer kitchen. I don’t want to be running in and out every time I need a measuring cup or a wooden spoon. My plan is to have a cabinet that under the table (my fantasy stainless steel table) with bins to hold my equipment. I also need to find a wagon to haul jars back to the house. It has to be small enough to fit in the walkways. We didn’t think about the width when we bought the garden cart and it doesn’t fit. I need a small hamper to hold rags (I go through a lot of rags when I can), a bunch of big pot holders, a compost bucket and a big ice chest. I have been offered some large stainless steel panels. I am thinking of using them along the back wall, gettting some of those magnetic hooks and strips and hanging my knives and tools.

On a different note. I pre-pay my fuel bill each year. It saves a considerable amount of money. Last year I paid $3,500 for the fuel to heat my house and hot water and to run our stove. I just got this year’s estimate. It’s gone up to over $5,000 dallars!!! I’m mighty glad I bought that wood stove and have contracted to get my chimney rebuilt. I’m afraid that people will be forced to choose between food and heat, gas for their cars or new shoes for their kids. I also fear that they will take unsafe shortcuts for heating and use improper chimneys or stoves. If you do use alternative heat sources, don’t wait until fall to get them checked for safety. People die of carbon monoxide poisoning every year. I think most fire departments offer CO2 detectors if you can’t afford one. It’s a must-have item IMO.