The sun is shining and I’ve had a busy day. I’m posting early as I have an invitation to visit a friend with a cob oven who has asked me to stop by to bake in the morning. She fires up very early on Fridays and I need to be out the door at the crack of dawn.

The first picture here is of the press I got from Aunt Marge. I need to get at it with some lubricant and a wire brush then play with it a bit so I can figure out how it works.

The second picture is of my seed box. I had such a hodge-podge after spring planting. Maggie and I took an hour and got them all organized by type. I really need to commit to using some of the older seed up and replacing the seed in my long term storage. I’m flat out of brassicas.

The third picture is of my beautiful Honey Locust wine. I got it racked today. I decided not to feed the leavings to the chickens. I didn’t think intoxicated birds were a good idea.

I want to leave you with a recipe. The vegetables are just coming in from the valley and I wanted a summer salad. I chopped up a cucumber, an onion, a yellow pepper and an orange pepper. I added some garbanzo beans and feta cheese and a bit of vinegrette and had a light, delicious side dish.
Add in a lot of weeding and harvesting strawberries and now back out to plant a few more seeds and it’s been a really productive day.