We finally had a break from the unrelenting rain on Friday so Bruce joined a bunch of friends for a trip to Hudson to pick cherries. There are usually places closer to home that offer good picking but the rain has wreaked havoc with the crop. Bruce brought home a couple of big bags of cherries and a new pitter. I was a bit annoyed about the pitter as it cost $15.00 and I already had two pitters. Once we got busy with getting the cherries ready to can, I had to take back any critism. This is one cool pitter, easily doing 4 cherries at a time, way faster than my single pitter. With Bruce, our two girls and I working together, we had 14 quarts of cherries pitted and canned in under three hours. The mess was minimal and the cherries delicious. I mad a breakfast cobbler with a quart that didn’t seal. I got a pint dried as well. We all love dried cherries in granola.

I had some good news about the boy we found after his motorcycle crashed last week. He’s at a trauma center in New York, off the ventilator and doing pretty well. He’ll need to spend several months in a rehab facility as his legs were badly damaged but he had no head or spinal injuries so things could have certainly been a lot worse.

The garden is cooking along. I had to replant the corn as the germination rate was poor, probably doe to rain and cold. Fortunately, I had a package of a short season so I planted that. The peas love this weather and I’ll be harvesting later this week. The herbs are happy too. The tomatoes, not so much. I gave them a trim and some fish emulsion and can only hope they perk up in the sun today.

I’ve been buying seeds to fill in my inventory. For the first time, I have seeds that I need but can’t find. I’m heading off to Hadley on Thursday and plan to stop by the big greenhouse there to get some seeds that I’m missing. They have a huge selection and it should ben o problem.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is nuts. My hazles are not producing yet. My beechnuts are still just saplings and my butternuts, not much of anything. I was with a friend, picking up her little girl for church on Sunday when the child mentioned that her grandfather’s of farm, empty and in foreclosure, is overrun with black walnut trees. I got permission to go dig up as many little trees as I like. I know they won’t produce in my lifetime but my grandkids may thank me someday. I hope they will know that I loved them even before they were born.

National Geographic is doing a show on preppers tonight at 8:00. I was asked to participate in this several months ago but decided to give it a miss. I did watch a trailer and it looked okay. I plan to watch it. We can all do the Monday morning quarterback (Tuesday in this case). It will be interesting to hear what you all think.