To my hometown. I took a walk around town yesterday as I do most mornings. I rounded a corner and found myself faced with three 18 wheeled cattle trucks loading the stock from the final remaining dairy farm. My small town has always been a dairy community. In the past couple of weeks all three farms have announced they’re closing although one may retain a bit of replacement stock. Somehow, we will have to make up the tax revenue and redefine ourselves. There are several foreclosed houses sitting empty and neglected. Our school is holding on but its future is uncertain. I was notified this week about major cuts coming to the social service agency I work for. There is already a hiring freeze. My DIL was supposed to be hired by a day care center but was called on Monday and told that the program has been defunded.

The arguments go on between fast crashers and slow crashers, deflationists versus inflationists, optimists and pessimists. It seems that all of these arguments are a waste of time. Crash is personal and always has been. Even during the depression, some people made money. I urge every reader to look at their own situation and plan accordingly. Read the commentary, debate the issues if you want but take care of business. I’m updating my inventory and filling in some gaps. I looking at my yard and figuring out where I can put some more nut trees. I have a wish list of perennial plants including quince, cranberry, currents and gooseberries. I have some but not enough for good production. I have been reading about propagation and I think I can manage to enlarge my nursery with minimal investment beyond time. I learning about coppicing so I can have a steady supply of wood for heating. Each week I buy a few more boxes of Tattler lids so I can ensure my ability to preserve food with no input but a fire. I continue to add to my recipe box of cheap, local meals. I am getting much better at using free cycle and craig’s list before heading to a store. My daughter just asked for a bike so she can get back and forth to work without asking us to drive her. I continue to add to my seed supply.

I am a big fan of John Micheal Greer (Archdruid Report). He had a post yesterday about voluntary poverty. For me, this is a good mind-set. I want to be as free of needs that must be met from the outside as possible. I’ll never be self-sufficient. Few of us will be but I if I reduce my needs I will be further along each day.

In the meantime, the sun is shining and my kids are sleeping in. I’m taking a cup of tea and sitting on my deck for a bit. Life is still good and blessing remain abundant.