Sorry. I got up at my usual time but rather than sitting at my computer, I headed out to the deck. The mist was just rising out of the hills. Dew dotted each blade of grass and the roses sparkled as though they were encrusted with diamonds. The birds were peeping and cheepng and I got to witness our little hummingbird couple argue with some early rising bees about the ownership of the sugar water feeder. I took a short walk to check out the garden. The raspberries are fabulous this year, enough so that I got hungry just looking them and decided to add some to the yogurt I made yesterday. The swing creaks softly this early in the morning. Later in the day the sound is often lost in other neighborhood noises but now it stands alone. Just another minute I told myself but the minute passed and still I sat. Bruce joined me and we shared a cup of coffee while talking about our day and week and month, making plans and enjoying the quiet befor the ids got up.

So now it’s nearly noon and I have yet to start the cheese for the pot luck tonight. The laundry needs to be hung out and the church newletter must be stamped and mailed. On Friday, I will have a post. I’ll try to be smart and useful. Today, I am just drifting along, enjoying the summer and my little slice of the planet.