I know. It’s only the middle of July but all of the sudden it’s harvest time. The garlic is amazing. I’ll have Maggie take some photos tomorrow so you can see. Some of them are fist size. the peas are just about finished and now the cucumbers and summer squash are coming. I have radishes and tomatoes and basil and lots of greens and chard and kale. The string beans and broccoli need to be picked daily.

We just got home from a pig roast. It was so much fun. I got to eat fox. One of the young men had found it just as the car ahead had hit it. He brought it home and his mom (bless her soul) cooked it up. I don’t think much fox will make it to my dinner table. I thought it was pretty awful. Still, I’m glad I tried it because you just never know although sometimes you can make a pretty good guess.

On a preparedness note. I found a website via survivalblog offering antibiotic kits. I find it interesting and plan to speak with my doctor about it at my next appointment. I’s particularly intrigued because a friend is suffering from Lyme disease and the kit contains the appropriate medication along with instructions for use. The problem comes from diagnosing. Still, it’s worth the conversation.

I found another medical website via a reader here. I think the url is survivalmedicine. I will confirm it and post the link on Friday although I think you can access through my comments. I found it quite good.