I’m posting a little late this morning. Bruce and I are getting out early for our morning 2.5 mile walk in order to beat the heat. Walking later is not a good idea as the temperature has been nearing 100. I’ve been planning as much inside work as I can. One of the big jobs I’ve been wanting to tackle is cleaning the kitchen.

It isn’t just the cleaning but the organizing I need to get to. One of my big problems is that I am a non-electric gadget girl. I collect things like spatulas and spoons, dishes and tins. If it has an old-fashioned feel or promises to do a job easier (I have about 10 can-openers) I can not resist it, especially if I find it at a tag sale or thrift sale. That’s fine except having too much stuff gets in the way of easily finding what I need when I need it. It’s also important to weed out the old spices and outdated baking powder and replace them with fresh supplies. I keep my dried food in a cabinet in the corner of the kitchen and now that my Excalibur is running full time, I needed to empty that out. I find that this humidity affects the seals on the jars I use my food saver on. I also found that some of the food had fully dried (or had picked up moisture over the course of a year) and had become moldy. Dried foods are the only thing I never keep longer than a year. I use it up or throw it out. My cabinet now feels like an empty canvas. I can’t wait to fill it with the colors and aromas of summer. I pulled out trays of mints for tea this morning and I’m waiting for the cucumbers, celery and mushrooms. I didn’t grow any of this. I found it at a farm stand. The price was right and I dont’s grow celery.

I have cleaned out my baking cabinet, my container cabinet and the large space I keep the supplies for cheese making, soda bottling and wine making. I found I was out of ginger and had a jar of something I couldn’t identify. That kind of thing just robs me of energy. I hate getting in the middle of a recipe and realizing I don’t have an important ingredient. I don’t have the space to waste on some crumpled thing that has no value beyond compost.

Today I hit the food storage areas. What I really want to do is can up some dried beans. I only have 6 cans of garbonzo beans and we eat tons of them. It’s just too darn hot to pull out the pressure canner today but the empty spot will call to me and there is always next week.

Keeping your space organized will save time, money and aggravation. It’s worth the investment of time.