The heat has broken and with the cooler temperatures has come rain, badly needed and very welcome. We made pigs of ourselves last night, feasting on the first ears of corn, while marveling at a huge double rainbow. It’s amazing how the heat saps my energy and the cooler weather makes me quite sure I can tackle anything. Perhaps that explains my insanity over the canner and dehydrator these past few days.I’ve put up raspberry jelly, mixed pickles and relish. The dehydrator has run non-stop. I dried fruit leather yesterday and I just pulled out a load of cauliflower.

I love to dry cauliflower. I looks terrible just out of the Excalibur. All yellow and shriveled, it looks like anything but food. Give it 30 minutes in some simmering water and it comes back to life, indistinguishable from fresh. I’m teaching a dehydrating class for Berkshire Botanical Gardens today and I’ll be carting along a bunch of my home-dried food so I can show off just how easy it is to prepare.

I have a cauliflower recipe for you to try. I made this last night and it was a hit, even with folks who don’t generally like cauliflower. I steamed about 3 cups of flowerets they were just tender. I popped the flowerets in my blender and added some Parmesan cheese and a hunk of butter and blended. I needed to add some of the cooking water to get the right consistency. You want it to be like mashed potatoes. My daughter, Neddy, gave me the recipe. She is trying to lose some of the leftover baby weight. I’m afraid all the cheese and butter helped the cauliflower but not the calorie count.

If you have some time you can check out my web site. It still under construction but the first videos are on my YouTube channel. The link is I won’t get an Emmy for the presentation but I hope I can pass on some skills to people who want to learn and don’t have friends or family to teach them.

We have big plans for the site. We will have teaching videos, a store, a blog and a book and movie review section. I plan to post videos on all of my preservation equipment and do product reviews. I want to do demonstrations on how I put together preparation kits and how to organize space. It’s a ton of work and it wouldn’t happen without Maggie. A tech guru I’m not. There will be some advertising on this site as I need to make enough money so I can least pay Maggie for her time. I hope you will visit the YouTube site. The more traffic the better although there won’t be much to see for a few more weeks.