I was so sorry to realize I had forgotten to post on Monday. It’s been crazy around here with trainings for Berkshire Botanical Gardens and NOFA and getting the new website up and running. It takes a lot of time to do a video and far more to compile the lists of books and resources and figure out the technical stuff.

In the meantime, food must be harvested and preserved. Children must be cared for. Laundry must be done. Life does go on. I had hoped to get to the LDS cannery last week but Maggie was not well that day and we had to put it off. I have a workshop I’m going to attend in Vermont on Thursday that is focused on using raw milk and making cheese with wild edibles. It looks to be fabulous but it’s another day I can’t go to the cannery.

My big task this week was cleaning out the root cellar. It was pretty foul down there. Some apples had been forgotten ad had a bin of turnips. Yech! It smelled pretty bad. I finished cleaning out the canned goods too. I’m embarrassed at how much food we didn’t get to. I will never can strawberries again. They lose their color and texture and nobody wants them. The rhubarb was just too much. Some things are meant to be eaten is season and then forgotten until the season comes again. Rhubarb is one of those things. On the other hand, I have fabulous garlic and onions. They are curing now and we’re eating tons of them each night. The new potatoes are also good and I finally have had a few meals of tomatoes with cheese. It’s late and I’m beat. If you like, I have some new videos up and we’re doing a bunch more tomorrow. I want to make pesto and finish the dehydrating videos. I’m waiting until after the raw milk class to do a video on making yogurt.

I hope all is well with you. The heat and drought are hitting folks hard as are our economic woes. The skills we practice now may well keep our families eating in hard times and I value all I learn and share here.