I love this time of the year. I needed a sweatshirt last night and, this morning, it’s downright chilly. I have more energy, more enthusiasm, more get up and go which is a good thing as I was offered a bushel of peaches today as well as extra milk for cheese making. I’m out of bread and the cukes and beans need pickling. I have eggplant to dry and carrots that I want to lactoferment. Some old bean plants should be pulled and peas planted. I need to get more lettuce starts going for the greenhouse and the list goes on. The lazy days of summer heat are past and it’s time to be the ant.

Bruce came home with a surprise yesterday. he was helping a friend pick up a milk cooler and came home with a stainless steel table for the summer kitchen. It was a deal and just the right size. He has the wood framing and got a sink off of Freecycle so we’re good to go. The stove really needs a trip to the Stove Company for a refurbish and cleaning so I should do that today too.

We have the chimney people coming to repair both chimneys and make sure they are safe for heating with wood. I worry that there will be house fires as people try to use old infrastructure to burn wood. The markets may have recovered and the price of oil is down but it won’t stay down for long. I just read that most people don’t have $1000.00 in savings to cover the cost of an emergency. That’s pretty scary. Times are tight and likely to get tighter. I made a trip to the market last week. All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t have to do that often.

The great kitchen clean-out is well under way. I have a big box of stuff headed for the thrift store but it’s funny how much is getting picked up by visitors. I had friends over for a wine making session yesterday and my friend, Dan, took home all of my 50’s era aprons. I was so pleased as they took up a lot of space in my drawer and were too frilly to actually wear. I looked pretty silly in them as I’m not a ruffle kind of girl. My mother made several of them and she was the worst seamstress ever. I kept one for memories sake but the rest will be well loved in their new home.

Last night we had pork chops, apple sauce, potatoes and onions, dilly beans and winter squash for dinner. I was a 100 foot diet as all of the food came from right here. Some was older (the pork and squash were in the freezer from last year) but it tasted wonderful. It makes those grocery store prices seem unreal and disant. After dinner I realized I had a cup or two of green beans that I never got put up. I had the jar of juice from the dilly beans so I cooked the beans for a couple of minutes and then stuck them in the brine. I will serve them up in a couple of days. The waste in this country is atrocious and one of my goals is to fight it at home as much as I can. One cup of beans is not a lot but it represents like energy, earth energy and the gifts of the soil. It seems a sin to waste it.