I had a really busy Sunday, beginning with the NOFA conference at UMass at 8:00 AM. My good friend, Dan, came along to help with the toting of all my preservation equipment. I was mighty glad he was there. The room I was assigned to was on the 8th floor and I had a lot of stuff. even with a wagon there was no way I could have done it alone. I also rather underestimated my audience. I thought I would have maybe 10-15 people at that time of the morning. It was more like 80 although I didn’t count. I thought it went pretty well although Dan had to go searching for a copy machine as I had nowhere near enough handouts. I enjoy the training but next time I think I’ll request a later time.

When I got home I tackled the greenhouse. I find this happens a lot. I think I don’t have the time or energy to finish a big project but once I take that first step, the rest just happens. I figured I might just pull out some of the seedy greens to give to the chickens but I ended up pulling out everything, fertilizing and planting the bed with our fall and winter greens selection. We like a mixture of braising greens, small, leaf lettuces and spinach. I put in a cut and come broccoli as an experiment. The point of the greenhouse is not to provide us with a daily salad but rather to give us some fresh green stuff when our bodies are craving it. I would rather one nice salad or braised greens each week than a pitiful bagged salad each day. I have found that I can also get some good greens by planting beets or turnips for their tops. If I had the space I would make a self-watering container filled with turnips and keep it in the kitchen.

Supper was one of those meals that started out as “let’s toss everything together see what we get” meals and turned out fabulous. I had a big bag of tomatoes left over from the day before. They were such lovely colors. I had purple, yellow, red and orange with some cheese and basil mixed in. I boiled up a pound of spaghetti and sauteed the tomatoes with olive oil, white wine, black olives, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, more basil and a huge bulb of garlic. We had a green salad and a loaf of homemade bread. I’m glad I used a pound of pasta as there are leftovers for lunch today.

The salad was wonderful thanks to Maggie’s dressing. She tossed sugar, vinegar, olive oil and salt in the blender and whizzed it around for a minute. What a difference fresh dressing makes. No GMO’s, no emulsifiers, no corn syrup and no plastic bottle.