I never get back to the computer yesterday and today looks just a busy. I’m heading to Amherst to pic up 200 pounds of wheat. Then it’s off to the thrift for a drop off of stuff and look over winter clothing. Then it home to the canner. We have been going through double the number of jars of pickles and fruit. In fact, I may actually buy (YIKES!) more green beans just for making pickles. My cabbage is ready to harvest and so are the early beets. I’m hoping to get another crop in the ground this week. With a row cover, I’m certain I can do it.

There is some very interesting commentary on CNBC this morning. The question was how much a cow cost in relation to the price of a bar of gold. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything quite like it. There is some real fear over what our economy will look like in another year or two. Nutella is one of our little luxuries and it’s on sale today. I’m getting ten jars. It’s not gold but it has real value and, in the end, that’s the real question. What can you acquire that will hold value? For me, it’s perennial food plants and seeds, good boots, books and canning jars.

Posting may be sparse for a bit. My daughter and grandbabies are coming up from Florida for a visit and I plan to spend as much time as possible with them. It is a pure pleasure to get up in the morning and sit on the swing with one of my grandkids. I hope they will carry the memory of snuggling in an old quilt and watching the sun come up with Grammy with them. I never really knew my grandparents and felt that loss deeply.

I had a wonderful offer yesterday. A woman who came to my NOFA workshop asked me to teach a class at our local community college. They are planning a certificate program on reskilling for the future and they were looking for someone to teach food preservation. It will be a ton of work and the money is terrible but I’m looking at it as a community service.