WE went out last night to learn the ins and outs of caring for a large group of horses while their owners are out of town. We returned home just as a light rain was starting to fall. My sister called just as we got inside and told us that a tornado warning was posted for our town and that we should make our way to the basement.

First bad thing: For some reason our reverse 911 did not happen. This is a huge problem as many people around here don’t have television. We do but days go by without us turning it on for more than a check of the market action. I realize that I should have a list of people to call with this kind of warning.

Second bad thing: Tornadoes are an entirely new phenomenon around here but after decades without a warning, we’ve had three this year. I am just plain not ready to shelter in my basement. We spent a frantic few minutes collecting the emergency radio and flashlights as well as a few blankets, shoes and jackets. A lot of this should be pre-placed although my cellar’s dampness makes storing much down there impossible.

Bad thing number three. I couldn’t find my shoes. At least I couldn’t find my muck boots which would have been my footwear of choice.

Bad thing number four. I forgot to grab my daughter’s medication box.

Bad thing number five. I couldn’t get the weather channel on the radio to come in. I have used that radio exactly once and I am nowhere near proficient with it.er six. No one thought to grab the money or the paperwork from the safe.

Bad thing number six: Nobody grabbed the cat.

The list, unfortunately, goes on. Car keys and my address book, some bottled water and the raingear, there are so many things that might really matter and we just weren’t pulled together on this. I have always claimed that I didn’t need to prepare to bug out as we live in such a safe place. Guess what? WRONG!!!! Stuff happens. We dodged a bullet again but someday we might not be so lucky. I am working with Maggie today to pull together a basement plan. I can pick up some of those vacuum bags and position a few things in the basement. I also need to put a list on the door of what to grab. If this had been the middle of the night, who would we have managed? I am more than a bit red faced. Prepared my foot.