Thank you all so much for the hurricane updates. All is well here. We had almost no wind but just buckets of rain. The flooding was severe enough to cause some evacuations but we are high enough to avoid that. We did lose the lower gardens I think. The corn and the squash may not be complete losses but they spent some time under water and we won’t know until later today just what we can salvage.

My daughter is leaving to return home today so this will be a short post. I do want to mention something. I am hearing a fair bit of criticism about the storms being less intense than forecast. Weather is not an exact science and I don’t believe this is some conspiracy to make us all crazy. As I put away all of the stuff I had carefully stored out of the path of wind that never arrived I will do so with a grateful heart. It is better to over-prepare for an event that doesn’t happen than to under-prepare and face the consequences.

One final note. I got a first place ribbon at the fair for my jelly and a third for my bread. The bread is actually a bigger deal as the competition is stiff. Karen got a first place for candy, Bruce a second for honey and Maggie got a third for her photograph. Again, the photo competition is stiff so this is quite an accomplishment.

Please send us any hurricane updates. We all want to know how our little cyber community fared.