We are having a potato emergency around here. Something has attacked our spuds leaving 95% with chewed up exteriors and perfect interiors. I’m not talking a few potatoes here. We grow enough to last all year and we are serious potato eaters. I decided to peel and blanch a bunch and then can them. The results are mixed. It took a long while to bring the blanching water back to a boil and the potatoes were overcooked and fell apart during the canning. I blanched the next batch for a shorter time and they held up better. Three of the jars lost a great deal of fluid and the contents are well below the water line. I think I will steam blanch the next batch and see how that works. I also plan to dry some today. I have always been satisfied with my dried potatoes but I have never done so many. I have a good friend with a dehydrator and if I borrow his it will save some time.

Even with all this work, I am going to have to buy potatoes for storage. I can well imagine how Irish mothers felt, watching their family’s food security disappear almost overnight. I am so grateful that I can still feed my kids, with or without the potatoes. This for me, is the reason for preparedness planning. Food storage is my insurance policy. Knowing alternatives for food storage is a big part of my resilience. Having multiple sources makes me much more secure. Having the money set aside for this kind of emergency puts be a much better position to make decisions.

It’s wine making season. I juiced some grapes and elderberries with a friend yesterday and we got that in a primary fermenter. It’s pears today. We found a beautiful pear tree just loaded with ripe fruit. I hope there will be plenty for wine and for canned pears too. My grapes are just about ready. Those will be plain juice. I hope to can a lot more juice this year. I have the jars and the fruit. Now I just need to carve out the time. There is soda to make and still more beans to dill. The carrots need to be pulled and so the beets. I could use a kitchen woofer. I wonder if such a thing exists.