If you have been wanting to talk with someone you love about family preparedness but put it off because you didn’t want to appear to be, well, nuts, now might be a good time.

Millions are without power in the southwest as something (heat probably) caused a disruption in service. The power company says that if you have an emergency plan, activate it.

Wildfires in Texas continue with 1400 homes destroyed.

Flooding in the northeast continues and we have a couple more hurricanes on the move.

The is a specific and credible terror threat against Washington or New York City.

The stock market continues its wild swings and nobody really believes there is any way to save Greece.

Contagion is out (we are seeing it today) and the CDC says this is a “when”, not an “if”.

Wormroot hs developed a resistance to the common treatment and threatens our corn crop.

Wheat rust continues to threaten wheat.

I could go on but you get the picture. I spent yesterday puting up a load of grape juice. We got nine quarts from our few vines so I was very pleased. I also got some cauliflower and beans pickled. I have been doing a lot of pickling as my kids love one sour with a meal and we hate canned vegetables. I ordered some fabulous, grass fed beef for December pick-up and if I go to do the pick-up at the butcher I can get it unfrozen so I can can it. The pig will be here in late October and the greens are sprouting in the greenhouse. The basement looks very satifying with row after row of gorgeous jars filled with lovely, organic and homegrown food. My hourly wage for the work probably puts me solidly in the poverty range but I know you all realize that money is not the point. The point is that if I felt the need to shelter in place, I could do so for many months in perfect comfort. I have on last big buy and I will do that withing the next few days. I need a good water filter. I have a stream on my property and, while hauling from it would be a major pain, it would be possible. We have a good garden cart and lots of containers. I just need the filter and I don’t want to commit to building one.

I’m calling my sister today. I am really going to make the case for her to put some food by. She has a birthday comingup and I’m going to offer to get her started with a gift card and a shopping trip. In the past she has just laughed me off but I’m going to try again. Getting laughed at won’t hurt as much as knowing they will be cold and hungry if the lights go out.