I just watched the morning weather and now I know what I’m doing today. It looks like today is the final hot day of a hot summer. The temperatures will drop dramatically and frost is possible by the weekend. That means today is the day to get the rest of the stragglers, tomatoes beans and summer squash, out of the garden. I have some beautiful rotted hay to cover the ground with. I also need to get to the herb garden. I want to make some infused creams and oils and this is my opportunity.

The herb garden was a huge success. It produced well and looked gorgeous. The bees loved it and we all enjoyed water laced with mint or lemon grass nearly every day. The roof went on the summer kitchen yesterday and I got a good look at how things are oriented. Bruce doesn’t want to have to try to mow in the slip of land between the second greenhouse and the summer kitchen so I’m going to cover it with cardboard and compost and plan to enlarge the herb garden by 100%. I can’t wait to get my Richter’s catalog and plan for spring.

I had great squash this year. One big blue Hubbard had been hidden away and that thing is HUGE. It was hanging on the woodchuck fence. I don’t know if it was the hanging but I’ll bet there is enough flesh there to keep us in squash once a week for a couple of months. I messed us some seeds, thinking I was planting more cucumbers along the pea fence and found that I had, in fact, planted more butternuts. They too are gigantic and healthy looking. I will need to try to cover them if we get a frost as they are not quite ready for harvest. Have any of you had any luck with slightly underripe squash? I would hate to lose them but the vines are so long that I really don’t see how I would cover them all.

Once we get a dose of cold weather I will pull the beets and carrots. I like the yellow carrots and the purple are really pretty. The three colors in jars of pickles are a delight.

I have been going over some comments and I so embarrassed at how negligent I’ve been with responses. I have good intentions but I get short on time to spend on the computer. When I do sit down I have a lot of work to see to. I’m putting together the curriculum for a 10 hour food preservation class. It’s finicky work with a lot of emphasis on the biology and chemistry. I don’t want to bore anyone but I do want to give enough theory to ensure kitchen safety. I’ll try to do better but the road to hell as they say.