I went to bed last night fearing frost as I still have produce to harvest. Fortunately, we had a reprieve and I will spend a good deal of today getting in the rest of the tomatoes and peppers. I hope it stays cold enough to get the root cellar temperature low enough so that I can harvest the root crops next week. The pantry stocks are still woefully low. I have the meat to can and all the cider to press, as well as the lard to render. Then there is the rest of the apple crop. I need several weeks to get enough apples dried for the coming winter. We were out of dried apples in April and this year we’re feeding two more people. While I don’t usually have to purchase apples, I have gotten a great deal on 60 pound bushels. I put up the first box and now have about half the sauce I need. Bruce picked up another 300 pounds yesterday. They will become cider and juice. I have one more 300 pound order that will be dried and sauced. I have said it before but it bears repeating. People need a rather astounding amount of food to get through a year. My little orchard will never produce enough. Thank goodness I am surround by orchards.

I had a wonderful time with Herbalpagan last night. She has a very cool blog radio show. I know she has posted the link before but I’m betting she would do it again if we ask nicely.

With all of the classes I’m teaching, I have decided to take a class. I will be attending the servesafe program in Lenox next month. It isn’t a master canner program but it will cover the basics of food and kitchen safety.

The next few weeks will be a bit harried as I am doing the NatGeo doomers and preppers program on Sunday and Monday. Do the words, “What was I thinking”, sound familiar? This is directly followed by the Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Fair in Pennsylvania. Add in reading and reviewing Matthew Stein’s new preparedness book (it’s really good!), a couple of local preparedness talks, The Berkshire Botanical Garden Fall Festival and I’m not sure how much I will be posting. I am still trying to find the time to finish the work on the Preserving Abundance website and remember that I need to eat, sleep and spend some time with my husband and kids. I am actually looking forward to the down time a major blizzard would afford me.

Okay. So I just reread this post and if I don’t sound like a self-absorbed little whiner, I don’t know who does. It’s nowhere near as bad as I’m making it out to be. Nobody twisted my arm and I know how to politely decline. Most of it is actually pretty fun and it’s all interesting. My life is better than I deserve and I need to remember some gratitude.