MEN was really fun but it had its downside. I have a lot of work that needs to be done and a five-day hole hurts. A friend of mine went to the cape and brought back a pile of cranberries that need to be sauced. The squash should be harvested as does the end of the sweet corn. I still have 200 pounds of apples to get processed and then there’s the potatoes. It’s all doable but just before I went to PA, I had a run in with a cider press and yesterday went to the doctor to find I have a blood blister in my calf muscle and really should stay off my feet for a bit. Fat chance.

The other downside to being away is the food. Don’t get me wrong. The food was pretty good, excellent in some cases and goodness knows, there was a lot of it, but getting back to my own food was wonderful. It’s not just eating it, wonderful for sure, but I missed preparing it even more. Last night, achy leg or not, I just had to cook. I made some pork chops from our butchered piggies, baked in cider and onions. I cooked multi-colored carrots in cider, brown sugar, nutmeg and butter, mashed potatoes with butter and cream from the dairy up the road. Karen sliced up gorgeous tomatoes, as large as a saucer and sweet/tart fabulous. Add in some applesauce and dilly beans and you have a feast for the tongue. The sighs of contentment were grace enough for me.

I have a neighbor who wants to learn to can. I want to learn to knit so we’ve arranged a swap. I think I’m getting the better end of the deal as canning is pretty straight-forward and knitting is anything but, at least for the creatively and finger challenged. I fell in love with some gorgeous fiber rabbits at the fair and there is no way I can justify getting any unless I learn to do something with the fur.

I know a lot of you want to get details on the doomer/prepper show. I really don’t feel comfortable sharing them on a public site. The people were very nice and I suppose they’re happy enough with the results. We aren’t your bunker dwelling, gun- toting preppers. We believe that our current trajectory is unsustainable in terms of food and climate and the economy and that it’s wise to prepare for a great deal of dislocation should any of our systems fail. That said, the purpose of any show like this to entertain rather than educate. Are we sorry we did it? Yes, but we also hold only ourselves responsible. We should have had a much better picture of just what we were getting into. They did their job and you can’t fault them for it.