My leg is much better. While I was in PA, I took a break from workshops to spend some time with my leg immersed in a hot tub while I sat on the side, reading a book. I didn’t realize until I was up there that, with the way the tub was perched, up on a covered roof and outside that I could hear Joel Salatin’s keynote speech very well. The part I heard was about reclaiming our kitchens. I was relating this story to some friends and one of them commented that it sounded like weird people heaven. We all got a chuckle out of that. Then yesterday, I visited the Cold Antler Farm blogspot and watched a video of Jenna and friends pressing so 60 gallons of cider. It was wet and chilly and pressing cider is hard, sticky work. Weird people heaven.

I have a lot of those moments. A friend is dismantling the commercial kitchen in a house she just bought and Bruce and I got to pick up three pieces of stainless steel that will become the walls of the summer kitchen.

I pulled some of the June strawberries out of the freezer and made jam on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to getting the garlic and multiplier onions in the ground in a week or so.

I know it’s raining but I still plan to put on my muck boots and work in the garden. I can pull out the old tomato plants if nothing else.

I have a load of firewood to get stacked.

Weird people heaven.

Cold, wet, dirty, back-breaking labor is heaven when the result is a warm house or good food or a cemented friendship. I know the rain is getting to a lot of us here in the Northeast. It has ruined some harvests and flooded basements and caused all sorts of trouble. But when I look at what drought has done to the south and southwest I say a little prayer of gratitude. This cool, rainy morning is weird people heaven.