My 100 days of prepping is well underway and I have the sore muscles to prove it. I spent yesterday at my Servsafe class and was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed it. I also learned a lot. Now what I really want to do is get to a restaurant supply store and completely revamp the way I have my kitchen organized. I’m going to wait a day or two before buying anything. Crazies like this come and go. Most of the changes I want to make don’t actually require my to buy anything. They just need me to be a lot more mindful of how I do things. I do have a lot of cutting boards that should be replaced. I also wat to look closely at how refrigerator is arranged. It’s always so cluttered and now I can see how it could also be a bit more sanitary.

Our pig was ready to be picked up this morning. Unfortunately, Bruce was helping Maggie mind poor Henry as he can’t go to preschool with his leg in the cast and Maggie can’t lift him for the bathroom. That left me to empty and defrost the freezer, pick up the pork, get it home and in the basement and refill the freezer. I followed up with a canner full of applesauce and getting my ironing done. (I do the ironing about twice a year, I hate it.) My back hurts, my shoulders hurt and my mood could be a tad more chipper. I did have a good dinner. I had some corn and leftover chicken to use up. I tossed in a couple of cups of home canned black beans and diced tomatoes with a lot of southwestern spices and called it dinner. Of course I added some taco chips and sour cream. I could serve shoelaces with sour cream and my kids would eat it.

I have to go to work tomorrow but when I get home I’ll be getting in a fourth day of prepping with canning more beans. I use a lot of garbanzos so that will be on the agenda. The one bean I don’t use much is Lima. But on Sunday night we went to a Polish pot luck and I had the most fabulous Polish dish. It was a pretty simple mixture of keilbasa, lima beans and tomato sauce with some onions and green peppers.

I still have new readers popping over from the Coldantler blog (Jenna Wogonrich). Welcome. A friend of Jenna’s is a friend of mine. She’s young enough to be my daughter. If I could have had just one more girl I would have wanted her to be Jenna.