My kids were able to return home last night as the power was restored to their home. I just about cried as I totally enjoyed having them here. I did find that there were some changes I need to make to have the unexpected addition of several family members go more smoothly.

Have a sleeping plan.

We did some bed hopping as things changed. I want to have a plan that is ready to go so we don’t waste energy figuring just who will sleep where.

Have all bedding stored in the same place.

I have blankets and pillows in different places. Getting a few more vacuum bags will make it possible to consolidate all the bedding in one spot. I also need a bedding inventory as I just couldn’t remember what I had and where it was. I know I have sleeping bags but the question is where.

Have a menu ready.
Feeding ten people three meals a day is easy enough. Deciding what to cook was not. If I had the menu ready it would have saved me some energy. I tried to get too fancy. We should have stuck to easy crock pot meals rather than roasted pork dinners.

Have a chore list.

Everybody pitch in is too ambiguous. A list of assigned tasks insures that things get done and no one or two people bear the brunt of the work.

Organization matters.

Clutter is a killer when you add in the stuff people carry.

Private space.

Some people can tolerate the noise of media while others can’t. I’m blessed to have two common spaces. I should have set one aside as the quiet rooms so those of us needing escape could have somewhere to go.

I have a lot of personal hygiene stuff but there were some holes. I didn’t have contact lens solution.

What I see in retrospect is that I can’t find some things as people other than myself put them away. More organized cabinets would have prevented that. Some things got left behind. Each person should have an inventory of what they bring. I was glad that I had room in the freezer to hold the what came in. I’ll be working on all of these issues over the next several weeks.