Ben has a job. Not just any job either but the job of his dreams. He will be social worker for Dept. Of Children and Families. In a serendipitous turn of events, Nate and Amanda’s tenant moved out this weekend and they have an apartment to rent. The kids are in the process of moving out of our house and into the empty half of the duplex. It’s a much better location for them and, as much as we have enjoyed having them here, it will be good to have a bit more space again. I have been cleaning and organizing anyway so the timing is good.

Today I cleaned out all of my sewing stuff and moved a lot of the fabric, extra patterns and such over to the sewing center. I put together a much more organized and efficient sewing box. I can now do basic clothing repair at home and do more involved projects in the center where I’ll have more room to spread out.

I also updated my shoe box. I have a heavy Rubbermade tote that I keep all of the shoe stuff in. I have a lot of extra shoelaces, shoe goo, waterproofing and shoe polish. I also keep some foot things like moleskin, athlete’s foot powder, a good set of toenail clippers and any other foot related item I come across. Shoe laces are not what they used to be. I hate those slippery, round laces. They never stayed tied for me. I much prefer flat cotton laces and I pick extra up whenever I think of it. I find I can get a lot of extra wear out of my shoes if I take proper care of them. Sometimes, all you really need are new laces and you’re good to go again.

In an emergency, having warm, comfortable, durable shoes is necessary. This might be a good week to go over your shoe and boot collection. Make sure you have all of the bases covered for work, hiking, warmth and comfort. Slippers count as footwear and I don’t have a pair. The bottom finally gave way on my favorite pair and I need to get another pair. If my feet are warm I can tolerate much cooler house temperatures.

If your shoes are in good shape, check to be sure that you have needles, thread, buttons, patching fabric, iron on patches and other notions for doing at least simple repairs. It’s silly to discard an otherwise good jacket that needs only to have a seam repaired to be functional again.