Guilty as charged. I can’t remember where I am which is better than the days I can’t remember who I am. Let’s call it 13 and 14 and realize that I can’t do this every day. So what’s up for this week.

I need to get busy on the greenhouse. Some evil little green wormy thing got in and ate everything. I don’t mean almost everything; I mean every green growing salad kind of vegetable is history. I’m going to start some quick growing things inside and hope for a bit of a warm spell when I can get them in the ground and hope for early greens if nothing else. I also need to rack some of the wine and hard cider.

I brought all of the roots into the root cellar. I suppose I will make some kraut out of some of the cabbage and turnips. I don’t have many beets left; not enough anyway. I’m going to end up buying some and this weekend is as good a time as any to get them from the farm stand.

I realize that this post sounds a bit grumpy. It is. I’m not good in Late November. It’s cold and grey and gloomy. There’s no snow to brighten things up. I’m irritated at the relentless Christmas hawking going on before the turkey is even cooked. I got some post apocalyptic novel on my kindle and it’s so stupid and silly I can barely stand to finish it. I wasted $8.00 on this drivel and now I don’t have anything good to read. Uggh. I’ll try again on Monday. At least then I’ll be gearing up with Thanksgiving cooking and maybe I’ll even remember what day I’m prepping.