Thanks for the input. As markets tank this AM, they are something to ponder.

My squash was in sorry shape this year. Between hail and high water it was pummeled and water-logged but it persevered and we are enjoying in mightily. The problem is that I don’t think it will hold so I spent yesterday baking much of it, then freezing it in flat packages. I know I should be drying it but the frozen is so convenient to do. I do it two cup batches. This is just right for a meal or a batch of bread. I finished the clean out of the upstairs pantry. After Ben and Maggie moved, I found myself with enough space so do a rearrange and update my inventory.

Bruce is nearly finished with the summer canning kitchen. I hope to get pictures posted today. It looks great. He put in a huge fan so we can boil sap in there. It will be nice to do that under cover. We have a small bos stove we will use outside, then switch to the propane cooker for finishing. Worst case scenario, we would put another larger wood stove out there and do all the processing without using any fuel but wood.

I spent a few minutes and updated my medicine chest. I noted in my appointed book the earliest days I can refill prescriptions. You can pick up another 4 days a month is you plan it right. That will matter if another whopper storm cuts us off from picking up refills.

I’m going to a lecture at UMass tomorrow, given by two readers here. I’ll give a synopsis (with their permission) on Wednesday. I feel as though I need all the direction and motivation I can get.

One the subject of books: Summer Of The Apocalypse was very good. I really couldn’t put it down and I’m pretty fussy. I don’t have time to waste on something I don’t love.