I hope all of my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has not been co-opted by commercialism. It’s still all about good food and family. We spent the day doing a jigsaw puzzle and playing Settlers Of Cattan (our favorite board game) in between preparing and consuming some great food.

I know I will seem a bit nuts but I actually got some canning done too. Here’s the thing. I get my turkeys from Diemand Farm. It’s not a cheap bird. A fifteen pound turkey was almost &50.00. That is a lot of money but the birds are free-range and the money goes to support a local farmer. I order mine from The Creamery so they get a cut and some needed support as well. I can certainly get a much cheaper turkey at the supermarket but the money goes into the industrial ag system and I just can’t make myself do it. Nine of ate together and the five guests are serious eaters. For just Myself, Bruce and the girls, this would have been two full meals. I have enough turkey left over for dinner this evening. I also found myself with a big carcass and a lot more meat. Turkey doesn’t hold that well and there isn’t a lot of room in the fridge so I decided that, as we were in the kitchen playing Settlers anyway, I would run the 5 quarts of broth and meat through the AA and be done with it. I had already simmered up the stock with the carcass, the water left from cooking the vegetables, an onion, a few stalks of celery and a carrot. It was no trouble to fill the jars and let them do their thing and the result were cooling on the counter when we went to bed. Altogether, I will get 7 meals from this turkey. Let us not forget that I cooked the giblets and made a wonderful, meaty gravy from them and I have a quart of that left for another meal. In fact, my family’s favorite meal is the strata I make tomorrow with layered mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. So that makes 8 meals or 32 servings. $50.00 for 32 serving sound like quite a bargain to me. The trick is to let nothing go to waste. I even pulled the meat off the neck.

The rest of meal was home-grown. I did have to buy celery, shipping cream, pecans and corn syrup for my pie but very little else. We drank cider and herb tea. I must say the meal was excellent. I bought an extra turkey that I put in the freezer. I’ll thaw it one day next week and can the whole thing.

While the rest of the world is shopping I will be helping Ben and Maggie load up the wheat they have been storing here and get it moved to their new home which boasts and very dry basement. I’m also taking the girls for flu shoots and ordering butter from the Creamery. I get a price cut if I order case lots. I use a fair amount of butter and I want the good stuff but butter is one of the things I notice a significant price increase on. I will put the case in my freezer.

We are all pet sitting this weekend. We’re minding cats, dogs and chickens. The chickens are best because we get to keep all the eggs. I’m going to make popovers again. They take minutes and are probably Phoebe’s favorite food. Topped with some raspberry jelly they’re fantastic.

I did want to mention that the cranberry sauce was a hit. It was fairly easy to make with the steam juicer. It’s less sweet than Ocean Spray and lighter in color. Nobody complained and we polished off a good deal of it.