It’s preparedness day number ?????? I think it’s 19 and 20. Remember that I don’t do something every day. There are many skips. I did get some deals recently and I made some necessary purchases.

My first deal was in outerwear. I made a stop at the thrift store this week and came away with a Rugged Bear, size four winter coat. It was only $3.00 because it was in terrible shape and looked as though it had never seen a washing machine. I also found LL Bean mittens in the same condition. Now I’m going to share a secret for getting old, good quality winter coats looking almost new. Bleach. I know. It sounds crazy but I put a small amount of bleach in the washing machine with some detergent and washing soda and the results are amazing. You can’t do this with a cheaply made coat but the Rugged Bear looks terrific as do the mittens. I’ll put this coat away and either my granddaughter or some other little girl will get a coat when she really needs one. I found Bean boots too and put those away. I never get through the winter without a call for help from some family and it is a pure pleasure to go to my store in the attic and pull out what’s needed.

As for purchases, I picked up 6 boxes of stick matches and some canned goods. I don’t use much commercially canned food but when I found a sale on diced tomatoes, seasoned with garlic and basil I got 10 cans. If I have diced tomatoes, rice and red beans, I can make a pretty good meal. I will say that I’m sorry I put up so much tomato sauce this year and wish I can canned some diced as well. Now that we’re back to just the four of us, we don’t eat as much sauce as I counted on.

It was 59 degrees when I went to bed last night. I’m worried about my garlic. It’s sprouting like crazy and I’m afraid we’ll get some really cold weather without any snow and next year’s crop will be affected. I’ll pile on more mulch and hope for the best.

I find I have a full day ahead of me with no place to go and nothing I have to do. Bruce is taking a friend to town for some dental work and he’ll be gone all day. I want to do something fun but I know I should do something productive. If I don’t come up with a plan I fear I will lose the day in a reading haze. I just got a copy of The Forgotten Garden from the library and it’s so good, I hate to put it down to eat or sleep.