I’m having a lot of trouble with my blog. Some approved comments are not showing up and I’m finding it nearly impossible to post my own comments. I fear it’s the computer, not the blog as it’s acting up across the board.

I did nothing yesterday but play Candyland, read Dr. Seuss and hold my grandbabies. I know I shouldn’t brag but they are seriously the cutest dang kids. Now on to the blog.

We chose to replace the windows after 25 years of reglazing and making do. I love these new windows. I can wash them and for the first time since living here we aren’t waking up to a coating of frost on winter mornings. It’s money well-spent IMHO.

We thought about doing our Potlatch on Black Friday but so many people were out of town for the holiday that we moved it up.

Animal husbandry. On Sunday, I’m taking Phoebe to her first 4-H meeting. She is joining the Little Shepards group. I’ll be starting the homemaking group right after the holidays. 4-H is an often underrated way to get into keeping livestock. I have no experience with sheep. Going the 4-H route will allow me to learn right along with Phoebe. There’s a lot of support and resources available for beginners and a great community with a ton of knowledge to share. Of course, If you don’t have kids it will look a bit odd if you just show up… I know that when I did past groups, the organization had books and equipment and some good curriculum. The other point is that a lot of these old organizations like the grange and scouts are having a hard time recruiting members and leaders. We can not afford to lose them. They are often the only repository of the knowledge we will need in an energy and money constrained future.

This whole 4-H thing has gotten me thinking about community. I talk a bit about giving but we need to take as well. By that I mean participating. It’s easy to hibernate in the dark days of January but it isn’t good for us and it isn’t good for our communities. We now have a group playing basketball at the school a few nights a month. I’m not up for basketball but I’m thinking that I should join a book club. Our towns need their backbones rebuilt and that takes participation. Yesterday, I found that I had misplaced my granddaughter’s only bottle. I was getting a bit frantic and thinking I would have to drive to town to purchase one. Then someone mentioned a group called “It Takes A Village”. One phone call and a neighbor stopped by with a box of bottles. I didn’t know that this group that was formed to support families even existed! I’m glad I was in a position to take this time and you can be certain that I’ll be giving in the future.

I wanted to post my recipe for whole wheat crescent rolls. They’re light and fluffy and, although they take a while, the recipe makes 24 so they will last through several meals.

Warm up 1 1/4 cups milk and add 1/3 cup of sugar, 2 teaspoons salt and 4 tbls melted butter. Sprinkle 2 teas yeast over the top and let it stand for a few minutes. Then add an egg and 2 cups of flour and beat for a couple of minutes. Add more flour (about 1 1/2 cups) until you have a manageable dough. Turn it out and knead for a good 6-8 minutes. Let it rise then punch down and cut the dough in half. Roll each half into a circle and cut each circle into twelve wedges. Roll the wedges from the wide end into crescents and let them rise again. Now bake at 425 for 15 minutes. These should be eaten warm with lots of butter.