I got this little book for free on my Kindle and had a wonderful time reading it over the weekend. It was written in the early 1800’s and is certainly not intended as an actual resource. In fact, if people actually used some of the home remedies it would go a long way toward towards explaining why people died so young. That being said, there were a lot of gems in it and I would recommend that you pick up a copy if you can find it.

I try not to waste food but I have nothing on these folk. When you read that the pigs head is done when the eyeballs fall out you know you’re in an entirely different league. Most kids I know don’t want to east the crusts on their bread and these ids ate scrambled brains. I was struck how, in very old fashoined language, she extoles the virtues of doing the same things we talk about here. Buying in bulk, making from scratch, wasting nothing and teaching your children skills are all things we know are important. It was also a bit funny to read her critisims of youth. Some things just never change.

I had a really busy weekend. In one day I had a Chrsitmas gift bag sew, a craft fair, a church pot luck and an art opening to atttend. Fortunately, everything happened in one place ( at the community house) and it’s acroos the street from my house. I so love a walkable community. I’m out the door but I’ll try to post my days of prepping later along with a a recipe and the directions from one of best sellers at the craft fair.