Space, for every person who believes in having supplies put away for a rainy day, is always at a premium. That’s why organization and consolidation is so important. I’m pretty good at this stuff but I do have places that I would be ashamed to have anyone see. My closet is one of them. On the floor is this horrible conglomeration of photographs. I have thousands. Some are in albums but most are just lying around in bins that take up a lot of valuable real estate and don’t provide what I want which is the ability to pull out pictures to pass around and enjoy on occasion. Yesterday, Bruce and I tackled those photos. It took all day and we aren’t finished but we made a good start. That hardest part was getting started. The second hardest part was throwing out orphan pictures. If they are doubles, out of focus, random people and places we can’t identify, if they just don’t matter, out they went. I made an album. Each page is devoted to part of our lives. I started with dating and I’m up to the adoption of the girls. There are only a few pictures on each page with a few lines that talk about what was going on. It seems minimal but the pictures do jog our memory which is the point. I have one album devoted to awful school pictures and one devoted to the children who have lived with us in foster care. I pulled out several that I can pass on to children who have been adopted and will appreciate them. The rest I sorted out into piles to pass on to each kid. They can do what they like with their pile. At least they will have a choice. This a project I have started before. This time I plan to finish. I picked up a shoe rack and the floor will now hold all of my shoes and sandals. What a concept.

DH and I are catching up on medical, dental and eye care for us and for the girls. I cannot stress just how important this is. I always have an extra set of eyeglasses as well as an eyeglass kit handy. I can’t see without my glasses and I can’t afford the surgery so I put the spare specs at the top of my “gotta have it” list.

Have you all done a winter care check up? I have an appointment on Tuesday to change the oil, top off fluids and replace the wipers. I have already checked out the car kit and replaced worn tires. Every year, people find themselves stranded with no supplies. Nobody wakes up and plans to get lost or have their car break down but things happen. Don’t let it happen to you.