I was so busy doing the 33/34 days prep that I didn’t have time to write. Let’s see. I had morning tea with some dear friends and we discussed just about everything that has to do with resilient communities. We talked a lot about preserving pork. Now, of course, I want to build a smokehouse.

Next we got the hay bales picked up for banking the church and the greenhouses. I spent hours going through my clothes. Sometimes you just have to admit that the days of being a size 8 are over and those too-tight shirts are heading to the thrift shop in the morning.

The big thing was moving the bee hives. They didn’t go far, just far enough to free up my one mature crab apple tree. This matters because I want to graft the tree with some scion wood and get a good crop without the wait that comes with planting tiny trees. We plan to harvest crab apples for making pectin and get a good crop of cider apples too. My morel mushroom patch is under the tree too. Getting those harvested meant crawling around under the hives which is probably not a good plan, no matter how docile the bees are. This was heck of a job and one I’m grateful to have out of the way.

This our first year with the wood stove going in the basement and we are finding it a bit too hot. We’ll see what it’s like when we get real winter weather. 45 degrees just doesn’t count as winter in my book. I actually harvested oyster mushrooms yesterday. The girl’s bedrooms are still pretty chilly. I made some hot sacks from scrap fabric and old rice. Phoebe lies to take one to bed with her.

Did you all see the news story about the genetically modified flu virus that is not only deadly but easily passed by casual contact? I don’t usually get cranky but sometimes we are just too stupid to be believed.