It’s that time of year. I love clean slates and January 1 is the best for fresh and new paper to write hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. I have learned that only about 10% of what I plan will actually come to fruition but the other 90% matters too. It provides the seeds for those any spare energy and time.

1. I want to get more involved in the political life of my community. I think it was Jim Kunstler who said that who your select-person is may matter more than who your president is. There are a lot of decisions made at the local level that end up direction what you grow, harvest, produce and sell. Think about the power of an ag commission to determine the role of GMO corn growing next to your heirloom Red Dent.

2. I’m 59.5 and I can now remove money from some of my retirements accounts without paying a penalty. What I do with this admittedly tiny amount of money matters. I plan to invest in my house infrastructure and in plants and poultry. I think sheep may be on the menu as well.

3. I have my apple tree available for grafting and pruning. This is a skill I plan to master in the coming months. Master may be a bit strong. I want to be able to care for my own small orchard and arbors.

4. My summer kitchen has to pay for itself so I have to begin work on planning, publicizing and conductiing classes and programs that bring in some income.

5. I really need to work on some mushroom propagating. We love them and we have some great locations. They are so carefree and the more I can get started the better.

6. I will learn to navigate my computer so I can get to work on my alternate website, Preserving Abundance. I have to learn to post pictures and videos without calling for help. Bruce and I plan to make that a priority.

So what’s on your bucket list? let us know what you want to accomplish in the next year. I know I need all the inspiration I can get.