This my first solo flight with adding pictures to the blog. I took pictures, before and after organizing, of my upstairs pantry. I should explain that I have several food storage areas. I have the long term storage. This is primarily wheat and oats, sugar and cornmeal in 6 gallon buckets. I keep these in a long, narrow closet that is not particularly accessible but doesn’t need to be as I seldom need to get in there. The next area is my basement. I use that for the big freezer and the home-canned food. It’s also where the root cellar is. I have two large shelving units that hold the majority of the commercially canned food. I don’t like this area at all as it’s far too damp for good storage of metal cans. I hope to rotate through this food eventually and then not replace it. I bought most of this stuff back when I first started a food storage program and thought you could buy food security. I know better now. I will still indulge in the occasional case of something when the price is right but I’m trying to concentrate on what is local. That leaves out most commercially processed food. My final food storage area is my upstairs pantry. We got this house back when we had a boatload of kids at home and needed the bedrooms. It’s embarrassing just how much space the four of us have now. Enough that I could afford to devoye one small room for food storage. It functions as my store. If I run out of pineapple or shampoo or sugar, I don’t head to the market. I head upstairs. I buy in bulk and replenish when stores get low or when I hit a sale. I usually keep the pantry pretty neat and organized but with Ben and Maggie using the space and the holiday cooking I really let it go. You can see from the pictures just how bad it was.

Well. I’ve been at this for an hour and I still don’t know if the pictures are loaded. Let me say that if they didn’t, I have a friend who will come over tomorrow and help me out. I’ll update this sometime tomorrow in any case. Thanks for your patience.