Days 49 and 50 maybe? I’m going on a big shop today. I hope to hit a big box store for a few staples and maybe the Goodwill in Pittsfield as well although I don’t have anything on my “gotta have it” list. There was a time I was always on the look out for cast iton and storage containers but I now have all the cast iron I could ever need (thanks Mom) and a neighbor moved to Florida and left us with hundreds of plastic storage containers. I will never run out. I will keep my eyes open for size 10 girls clothing and I’m a sucker for outerwear.

We ate our first mushrooms last night. I couldn’t think what to do with them and settled on making a big pan of stuffing with some leftover sausage and a Granny Smith apple. I covered the stuffing with the mushroom caps and we ate a lot. There is still enough left for dinner tonight. One of the nice things about having so many pickles and applesauce in the basement is that I can alway stretch a meal. I served some squash cauliflower and we feasted. The cauliflower is cooked, then pureed in the blender with some of the water, a pat of butter and some grated parmesan cheese. It looks like mashed potatoes and even people who claim to hate cauliflower like this. The mushroom stems went into the stock bag I keep going in the freezer. I had the room because I used a lot of the bread heels for the stuffing. My cooking is moving toward the “use it up stage”. The waste in most kitchens is appalling.

Actually, the girls will eat the leftovers. It’s my 39th anniversary today and Bruce and I are going out to dinner. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed. Was I ever that young? Can I possibly be that old?

I have to make this short today. I’m hitting the road to shop and when I return I need to get organized for my sewing group. It looks as though we may get a lot of snow but I think most of the kids can walk so it won’t matter. I think a lot of the moms are staying which is good. I think many a much better sewers than I am and I will need all the help I can get.