I used to be quite involved in politics. I followed things like debates pretty closely and made well-reasoned decisions about my voting choices based on my research. I’m so disgusted by the current political process that I can’t even get engaged beyond what happens in my own state. I wish there was a box that read permaculture and raw milk. Could they add a box that votes for full disclosure from Monsanto? How about a place to mandate front yard gardens and the right to farm every place, country and cities, suburbs and gated communities. Maybe we could pass legislation to demand that each new household gets a clothes line with their mortgage. I suppose that’s not likely to happen as there is no money to be made from such things. Well. I make the voting decisions in my own house and here, my vote matters.

I just got a new book. How To Make A Forest Garden (Whitefield) is pretty basic and geared towards England but I still like it. What I need on this icy, rainy Friday is inspiration and that’s what I’m getting. I’m going to curl up with a cup of tea made from last summer’s herbal harvest and make some garden plans. I’m especially interested in my edges. I have great soil and access to water around the edge of my pasture and I want to make good use of it without disturbing the native species already well established. I have a lot of fiddlehead ferns, nettles and Jerusalem artichokes. I also have a lot of things that are just pretty. Whenever Bruce thins out the garden he plants the extras down below. The result is a wild array of bee balm and flock, daisies and black-eyed Susans. The bees love it and so do I.

I got an 80 pound sack of salt yesterday. I thought that was all I ordered but it turns out I ordered 2 of them. What was I thinking? I suppose I was thinking that salt is so necessary and one thing I have no readily available, local alternative for. I must say that 80 pounds of salt is really heavy. I think I’m going to distribute in smaller containers before I try to get it upstairs. I was just reading about the lasted solar storm and that got me to looking over my pantry again.

I have a meeting with the 4-H people today. Nothing is easy. It’s an organization like any other and there’s paperwork to be done and dues to be paid. It makes sense I suppose. If people are going to trust me with their kids it would be nice to know that I’m not a criminal.

The kids are up and asking for popovers as there is a 2 hour school delay. Duty calls.