I’m on a role. A friend was going to town yesterday so I hitched a ride. We went to Michael’s Craft Store and to Good will. I needed wicks for candle-making and I was looking for small containers of candle molds. I ended up paying $.25 a piece for tiny wine glasses that are just perfect for candles. I tied a piece of raffia around the stem and they are good to go. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the candles. I suppose they’ll end up being gifts and I may sell some at the farm stand. The girls love hosting stands in the good weather. They’ll sell lemonade or vegetables or hot chocolate, whatever comes to mind. I applaud the industry and it gives them both experience with handling money. Unlike a lot of parents, I make them reimburse me for expenses before they start talking profit. They might as well learn early that you need to figure that part out.

I had some T-shirts made for my Preserving Abundance site. the red dots you may or may not see on the front of this one are flecks of colored wax. Note to self. Remember apron.

I spent a productive afternoon last week consolidating my freezer so I have only the one running now. here’s the question. Have I saved any energy when it takes me 5 minutes of freezing fingers to find what I’m looking for? Why is it the package of pork chops is always on the bottom of the freezer, unless, of course you need peas. Then the peas are on the bottom and the pork chops right in the way. Bruce and I are going to Better Bee this week to get supplies but I’m committed to spending one day together getting the freezer organized. It’s starting to look like I need to do something with candle supplies too. I hate searching for something when I start a project.

I’ve been thinking about guilds lately. Guilds are groups of plants that work together in a way that benefits each. Planting mushrooms under fruit trees gives the mushrooms a shady place to produce fruit while the mushroom helps the tree roots absorb nutrients. Guilds are a vital part of permaculture. The whole is stronger and healthier than the sum of its parts. I think groups of people are also guilds. The whole should benefit from each of the parts. This is true of families and larger communities. I get a lot of email from people who are having a lot of trouble finding that community niche. I’m suggesting today that, if this is your problem, you could consider taking one step. My sustainability group got started with a film series launched at our little market. It was a bit out of our comfort zone, attended by people we didn’t know at all. Five years later, I consider a lot of these people family. Where is your passion? Is it fiber arts or gardening, goats or bees. Do you want backyard chickens or an edible front yard? I promise. You are not alone. Lots of people look at the planet and realize that something has to give. Lots of people are worried about food resilience. Lots of people wish to live a life that is more about simple pleasure than it is about acquisition. The trick is to find the kindred spirits and that only happens when you reach out and start looking. If you are feeling isolated, today might be a good day to join the co-op or check out the urban chicken group.

As for me, I’m headed to my one day of work. I want to be home by noon (Yes. It’s the perfect job). There’s a garden to plan and candles to burn at both ends.

My candle burn at both ends
It will not last the night
But oh my foes and oh my friends
It gives a lovely light

I can’t remember who wrote this but I always wanted to live a life that was full of the “lovely light”.