Spring is in the air and I’ve got the spring cleaning bug. This weekend I spent a lot of time cleaning out my freezer and organizing my seeds.

I have to make a confession. I’m an addict. It’s not drugs or alcohol I crave but show me a seed rack and my hands start to shake and my knees get weak. The result is that I have an awful lot of seeds I will probably never use so I mad a painful decision. I’m bringing my extra seeds to my permaculture group meeting tonight and I’m finding good homes for them. I also put together an emergency seed vault. I took seeds for several heirloom varieties of vegetables and sealed them in heavy plastic bags. I put the bags in a plastic box and put it all in my big freezer. Frozen seeds should last a good long time. If there is ever a time I need seeds and can’t afford them or want them and can’t get them because they are just not available or if someone else needs seeds they can’t get any other way, at least we’ll have these to fall back on. I included a number of grain seeds like dent corn, oats, wheat and amaranth and lots of different vegetables. Let’s just call it my insurance policy.

I found myself with lots of bits and pieces of many different vegetables from the depths of the freezer. You know just what I mean. You have 1/2 cup of onion or green pepper left over or maybe the hell to a loaf of bread. You can’t bear to waste it so it goes in the freezer until someday. Yesterday was my someday. I made a chicken stock that I canned with some of the leftovers but I also mad a fabulous pasta with a pork, hamburger, pepper and onion sauce. I really have to get serious about meal planning. I have way too much tomato sauce left and if I want to justifying planting 50 more tomatoes this summer, I need to get it eaten up. That means pizza one night and pasta another. We also like chicken with tomato sauce laced with a good curry powder. One way or another I’ll get it eaten up. My friend, Leni, offered to swap me some sauce for a hand-made purse. That works. I just need to able to show Bruce the empty shelf and say, “See Dear. I told you we needed all those plants.”

I canned up dried beans too. I love having them on the shelf and they are so much cheaper to can yourself. In this cold weather I don’t even mind the extra heat and moisture in the house.

If you are interested in reading more about any of this you can wander over to preservingabundance.com. It’s my sister site and I plan to start posting more over there than I do now. I tend to have a lot of cross posting but the idea is that I will post weekly here and twice a week over there. I will post pictures here but more videos there. Eventually, the whole site will be there. I hope it will have a lot more content and some fun things like give-aways and guest-postings. I am also working on a doomer novel. I hope to put up a chapter every few weeks depending on how busy I am. I want to write something I would wan to read so you can be sure it will be heavy on food and light on zombies. You may find out about canners but I can pretty much promise you will have to look elsewhere for gun calibers.