With the lengthening days I find myself with energy that was sorely lacing on those dark January days. January is the time for dreaming but February is the time to begin doing. My seeds are sorted and I have joined a seed saving guild. I have a tentative garden plan drawn up and I have ordered 20 new bushes and trees. The list includes Mulberry, Elderberry, Nanny Berry, Hazelnut and high Bush Cranberry. A friend has rooted sassafras for me and Bruce is looking for at least two large Basswood trees to purchase. Basswood is an amazing tree. The leaves are tasty and bees are attracted to the blossoms. It provides firewood and it can be coppiced with excellent results. We often purchase tiny trees to save money but we are willing to spend big to get big trees this year.

Today, the final work on the stove in the canning kitchen will be finished and we can begin tapping trees. Bruce got it all polished up and it looks great. I just need to locate a pan that’s big enough for boiling. I stopped at a Goodwill yesterday but had no luck.

Bruce and I drove up through Vermont and New York yesterday. It was a gloomy kind of day but we had a lot to discuss and the drive flew by. We went to Better Bee to get the supplies we needed to set up the new hives. The bees will be in early in April. I got a lot of candle making supplies. I’m loving the candle making. Once I feel confident I’ll move on to soap making.

On Thursday evening, I’ll be speaking about permaculture and who knows what else) on HerbalPagan’s radio show. Could you please give people the listening info Emily and I’ll post it here and on PreservingAbundance. Speaking of PreservingAbundance. I’ll be posting the details of the Pantry Book Giveaway on Friday. That will be followed by a Tattle Ring giveaway and then another book giveaway. I’ll be asking for people to mention my blog on their own blog and then picking a winner from those who respond. I would also appreciate it if all of you read regularly and have blogs to comment over a preservingabundance and leaving their links. I hope to get a blog roll going. I’m especially interested in blogs related to frugal living, gardening, permaculture, food preservation and preparedness. I’m staying away from political blogs. I want this to be a place where all feel welcome and where we don’t argue but support and inform.

Speaking of information. I have completed the first two canning videos and hope to get the third done tomorrow. I will then ask Maggie, my DIL and techie extraordinaire to get them all posted. They won’t get Oscars but I think they may convince beginning canners that the process is safe and easy.