My granddaughter’s advanced placement English class performed Our Town last night. We were there in force to cheer her on and had a wonderful time. There was one thing that I found extremely annoying. The use of I-phones was really distracting. The child behind us kept up a constant stream of beeps and flashing lights while she played games rather than watch the play. This was not an antsy three-year-old. The little girl was at least ten. There were plenty of adults checking in on their phones as well. I find it difficult to believe they were all people waiting for life and death messages. Most likely, they were just rude. Ah well. I guess I’m turning into one those crusty old ladies, bemoaning technology and complaining about how the old days were better.

Yesterday was one of those days for getting out-of-sorts. I received a call letting me know that the old homestead where I purchased the nifty book had a dumpster in place and anything left behind was getting tossed. I ran up and did a quick walk-through. I took a van-full of sheets (those lovely, heavy cotton sheets that I remember from my childhood), blankets and heavy comforters home with me. These weren’t the cheap, department store comforters but really heavy and well-made. I also took a box of wash cloths and towels, lots of curtains and a big box of cleaning supplies. Much was left behind. It’s so sad to see the flotsam and jetsam of a person’s life reduced to garbage. I don’t need the bedcloths but I couldn’t bear to see them go to the landfill. Someone, sometime will be happy to have them. I am always aware that should something major happen, my kids and grandkids will all end up here. I can sleep a lot of people in a pinch and an extra set of sheets could come in handy.

Seeing that dumpster put me in the mood to clean. I emptied out and washed several kitchen drawers and then took down my curtains They’re a bit frilly actually and I realized that I had brought home a set that would look much better. It was a good drying day so I got them washed and hung up and I think they look much lighter and fresh for spring.

The boiling is going well but it’s very time intensive. The sap should run like gang-busters today. I’m planning to go to work for a couple of hours, then run home to empty buckets. My DIL asked if they could come on Saturday morning for a French toast and maple syrup breakfast. That sounds like such fun.

I’ll be light on posting for a week or two. I have two big food preservation classes to teach this month and I need to get them organized. My equipment needs to get polished up and I have to update my supply list. Both are new venues for me and I want to make a good impression. I was so disappointed in the NOFA conference and I want to make sure there is never a repeat performance.