I go through this from time to time. I try to come up with an interesting topic and come up blank. That, combined with taking on a lot of work for the next few months, makes me think that I will post a bit less this summer. I did three workshops for the Marshfield Ag Commission on Saturday. It was so much fun but I don’t think I’ll do any more trainings that involve so much driving. Six hours on the road is more than I’m comfortable with, especially with gas nearing $4.00 a gallon. The up side is always the people. The nicest people tend to come to gardening and food preserving workshops. We speak the same language. It’s one of soil and weather, food and animals and dreams of rural living.

I will be presenting the same workshop in Holyoke at the Master Gardener’s Symposium next Saturday. I will home in the early afternoon, in time for a nap before going to the Community House for Earth Hour. It’s an annual event here ond one I look forward too. We have great music, interesting speakers and a few information tables. I’m helping out at the seed exchange table. I’m looing for a few things and I have a lot to swap. Again, it’s the people that make these events so special.

So what’s out at your house. I have garlic, rhubarb and walking onions as well as lots of hers and greens. We’re expecting a freeze, maybe a killing one on Thursday. I just hope the fruit crop is not lost. My trees have small leaves but no flower buds so there is still hope.

I do have one prep tip for you today. On the trip to Marshfield, we stopped at the Charleton rest stop. We were maybe 6 miles down the road when I realized I had left my purse behind. We had to drive to the next exit, get off the pike, get back on and head back until we could get back on below the exit. It took almost 30 minutes to complete the trip. I found that someone had turned in my pocetbook to the McDonalds. The young man was still there and I had an opportunity to thank him. He was maybe 20 years old, Puerto Rican with saggy pants and tattos. He just waved off my thanks, embarrassed I think by my tears and gratitude. Anyway, it occured that it was not the money in my wallet that would have bothered me. It was the other stuff. Today, I plan to make copies of all my cards. I have one credit card, lots of insurance cards, my liscence and appointment book. There is no reason for my book to travel with me so that’s coming out. I would have been hard-pressed to remember all that I was carrying so making a copy of everything would make replacing it all a lot easier. I also need to reconsider how much cash I keep on my preson. It might be better to hide some in my car and keep just a small amount in my wallet.

When it comes to an emergency, I am far more likely to lose my purse on a trip than I am to find myself stranded by an EMP so it doesn’t make sense to prep for one and not for the other.