Neddy is doing well. Than so much for the kind words and thoughts. It looks as though I’ll be staying here my SIL will be able to get the necessary time off. Given my current schedule, that’s a good thing.

The Master Gardner’s Symposium went well. I had a lot of participants and all seemed enthusiastic about food preservation. I’m always a bit surprised to hear from so many people who feel the need to prepare with a store of food. The strange and unsettling weather combined with ongoing worries about our energy situation seems to be the biggest worries. I’m afraid that food is going to become more and more expensive with costs going up along with gas prices.

I returned from the symposium with just enough time to change my clothes and go nest door to help with the spring clean up. It’s always a fun afternoon and it feels good to get the neighborhood looking spiffy. The busy afternoon was followed by a Community House Earth Hour celebration. We had a seed swap, a fabulous concert and several brief talks on everything from GMO foods to the new community garden space. It was a moving and wonderful evening. This morning we went to church and in the afternoon attended a poetry reading/art show/book lauch at the Community House. It was a crazy busy weekend but there was so much good, juicy stuff going on. I am so grateful for all that this tiny town has to offer.

I have been right on the cusp of planting some of the early crops in the last few weeks and I kept changing my mind but this week is going to be it. I’m getting the peas in on Tuesday and starting a few other things. I’m so looking forward to the joy of dirty knees. Even an aching back is starting to sound appealing.

We have some big house projects that will be getting started in the next few weeks. The rest of the windows need to be replaced and the roof over the living room also needs to replaced. We’ll be adding to some insulation and rebuilding a chimney. We are also looking for a good source of firewood. It’s a lot of work and a big economic investment but it will be worth it in the long run. This may be our last opportunity to get these things done. Costs keep going up and anything we can do to keep ours down is money well spent.