Both say it better than I can. Check out Ted Talk: The Earth Is Full. Very calm and rational. If any of you are in the area tonight, come on down. Guy is speaking at 7:00. Peak Energy, Peak Economy and Climate Chaos. This is the convergence. How well we plan for it will determine how well we cope.

It’s the Great Spring Purge. With 4 people moving in, I need to make room. My food storage room is going to be Henry’s bedroom so I spent Saturday cleaning it out and finding homes for all of the pantry food. It was eye-opening and led me to make a pledge. I will cook more with my stored foods. I will plan two bean meals a week and two pasta meals. I will use tha danged canned peas or feed them to the chickens. They are taking up valuable real estate and they are way outdated. I thought that didn’t matter but I opened a 2009 can and found it too yucky even for hens who are not at all particular. The peas were grey and mushy. There is a lesson here but it’s too painful for me to tackle just now. I know we have all done it but it just sucks to see wasted food.

Speaking of food. I’m about 1/4 of the way through The Hunger Of War. It is a very dry but excellent read. I give it a 5 star rating and put it on the short list of books that have changed my life. Please beg your local library to get a copy.

Short post today. I have to get the AV equipment for Guy picked up and I still have laundry to finish and bread that needs baking. And then there is the darn book, calling from my duties.